Anna beautiful blonde horse queen
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Anna beautiful blonde horse queen

Anna beautiful blonde horse queen

Anna beautiful blonde horse queen

I met Anna way back in 2011. She saw my work with some of her friends and she wanted to be part of it. She had done some modeling in the past, but it was a while ago. She had wanted to give it another run and came to see me.

We had talked online for a while coming up with ideas, poses and sets and she liked my clean style of shooting. All the attention and focus on the model so that’s what we went with. She showed up and while everyone is nervous at

Anna wind blown

Anna wind blown

their first shoot or every shoot, she got right to work! We shot, laughed and had a good time.

It was during this shoot I had found out she traveled the world cleaning, teaching and showing off championship grade horse’s for other people. She told me many funny stories of her adventures and I learned she was a real sweetheart! We shot several sets and at the end of our session, we hugged and went our separate ways with the promise of shooting more. I know she had at least one more shoot after me and from then I hadn’t seen anything new from her. I guess she left modeling as she was working at a night club and eventually she moved out here to California and was working a night club out here.

If I had the chance to work with her again, I’d for sure work more on her facial expressions. A bit more variety and connection would have been idea!

And if you missed the huge video above:

anna from Glamour Model Magazine on Vimeo.

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