Jay Kilgore is the Editor in Chief of Glamour Model Magazine.

The brains behind the machine. Jay is a highly respected, published and sponsored glamour photographer. Jay’s love of photography became an obsession and quest to not only better himself, but put his work up against many of the people he idolized by moving to Los Angeles, glamour capital of the world. Jay is also your Master of Ceremonies.




As with all our instructors, Jay will be covering  dozens of different subjects but his main focus will be on publications and sponsorship’s. Jay will cover lighting, but since many of the other guys will be covering it as well, Jay’s primary focus will be how to get paying work! Here’s what to be covered:

How to get paid by models.

How to get paid by companies.

How to get published work.

How to get sponsors.

Connecting with people.

L I G H T I N G (using one monoblock strobe).


Connecting with your subject.

From Jay:

You realize, they have taught monkeys how to take photos, right? What makes our work different from that isn’t the camera, lens or who made them, but the person taking the image. Everyone is capable of greatness to their own measure, it’s how badly each person wants to capture it. I am not you, you are not me. Your goals and aspirations aren’t mine and even if they overlap, how we achieve them is dependent on us.

Before the wrap of the night, Jay, alongside the second speaker of the day, will be on hand walking from station to station giving tips and tricks on posing, lighting and interacting with the model. If you so desire, Jay will be available for one on one bookings at the event, either before or after.

When you sign up for the workshop, you will get not only admittance to Jay’s portion of the workshop, but all the other speakers as well!

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