Madonna the original material girl
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Madonna the original material girl

Madonna the original material girl

Madonna the original material girl

I remember the day well: MTV was new to cable tv and they had a huge announcement, a world premier video Madonna’s “Like a virgin”. It was 1984 and I was 11 at the time and unsure if I should watch it? I figured it couldn’t be soft core porn (Thank God for Cinemax) but had to watch this video anyway. After watching it I was amazed at this singer! She was beautiful and could sing. A few weeks later she was featured on the MTV video music awards and had a live performance of the song. Amazeballs! She was beautiful in real life and video!  Soon after that, Madonna took center stage and took over the music world.

Madonna has done many things since then; causing parents to blush while she kissed Brittany Spears or her infamous movie “Madonna: Truth or Dare” or her book “SEX” To her crazy sex scenes in “Body of Evidence” so on and so on. One of the reasons Madonna will be a GMM fav is her comparison and almost protrayal of Marilyn Monroe.

Madonna as Monroe

Madonna as Monroe

Madonna, one of the original TV Diva’s, has been shocking, awe’ing and wooing audiences for 36 years! Here are a few photos from 1979 when she first hit the scene:

True to day, Madonna is still turning heads and making music and inspiring audiences. In case you didn’t know, Bitch I’m Madonna

More images of the Material Girl in all her glory

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