Red headed beauty Alicia Beal
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Red headed beauty Alicia Beal

Red headed beauty Alicia Marie Beal shot by Jay Kilgore

Red headed beauty Alicia Marie Beal shot by Jay Kilgore

GMM: Alicia Marie, tell us about her?

She’s a beautiful red head from Denver, CO!

How did you meet her?

Alicia contacted me through mutual friends. She added me and we didn’t really talk much. I was doing workshops then and she wanted to be a model. I saw her red hair, freckles and face and was hooked right away! I talked to her on a Monday and scheduled a test shoot for that Tuesday. She showed up and we rocked it.


Tell us about your first shoot with her?

She showed up early which was refreshing! We were supposed to shoot at noon and she showed up about 20 minutes early. We met, filled out paperwork and got to work.


So she became a workshop model?

She was a workshop model for one workshop. She showed up to that workshop and killed it. Everyone who was there loved her and she wasn’t intimidated or phased by the attention. She was the ultimate professional It was very refreshing to have someone like this at a workshop.


How many times did you guys work together?

Three times total. Two shoots and the one workshop.

What was something you noticed right away with her?

Freckles. Red hair. How pretty she was. Yes, I have no problem admitting I was superficial.

Alicia Marie topless

Alicia Marie topless



Alicia Marie seemed really relaxed, where does that come from?

She was relaxed and comfortable in her own skin. No hesitation from her. She told me on our first contact that she was quite alright with topless and that she loved her body and was comfortable.

When was the last time you two spoke?

It’s been some time. Years. I think the last time we spoke was 2013.



What if anything, did you learn from working with Alicia Marie?

Our experience was a brief one so I didn’t get anything out of it. She’s a friend or associate, but other than that, I didn’t get anything. She’s a wonderful person and I wish nothing but the best for her!










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