Welcome photographers!

Glamour Model Magazine (GMM) is always on the look out for excellent photographers with great eyes to do one time or full time submissions! There are several things that we want to discuss to help you in making your choice to submit to us;

The work submitted should be at or above the quality of work currently viewed on Glamour Model Magazine. It is our purpose to represent everyone to the best of our abilities.

Staff and Contributing photographers are responsible for finding their own models. When we are contacted by a model in your area, we will forward their info off to you.

You MUST give GMM rights to publish the content! Upon approval for single or ongoing submissions, GMM will send you a release that will need to be signed by you the photographer. This is non negotiable. For any print acceptance, the model will need to sign a release as well.

You agree to hold harmless, Glamour Model Magazine and it’s owners, sponsors, partners and panel, any legal liability from accepting your submission.

ALL submissions MUST include HD photos (1024 pixels on the longest side. One image 1400 pixels wide non nude )with video optional.

At this point in time GMM is not providing monetary compensation for article acceptance and submissions.

Here at GMM, we are a loyal team. We only select one Staff photographer from any small state, two for large states. Example; California can have two to three  active staff photographers. As well as Texas and N.Y. Where as Minnesota or Colorado or Montana will have one.

If you are interested in submitting, please reach out to us by clicking here.

We look forward to hearing from everyone and want to thank you for viewing.

Editor in Chief

Glamour Model Magazine




About The Author

Art Director of Glamour Model Magazine

In 2013 it was decided that there were very few QUALITY Glamour Model ezines out there. There are plenty of amazing Glamour Model ezines out there, but a lot of them focuses on the "babe" side of it. None that were devioted to learning HOW to be a good glamour model, glamour model photographer, etc. GMM was created to teach model, photographers, makeup artists and agencies, how to interact in our industry and how to do so with a large amount of PRIDE.

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